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We offer a FREE Locksmith Directory for consumers looking for a state licensed locksmith in their local area. Browse by state, and click on the states' issuing authority website to verify a locksmith company is currently state licensed before you hire in states which require locksmith licensing. Find the information you need, free of charge on our locksmith directory designed for you the consumer. If a state has no license law, we do research to the best of our ability to verify that a company is legitimate before adding them to our website. This list includes local state registers where a business should be listed, checking BBB ratings, consumer reviews, Angie's List and much more. Locksmiths are checked out for you, so you can feel confident you are hiring a professional who can handle your needs. 

Need a locksmith? Wondering if you can find one who is  trustworthy, qualified, licensed and experienced? You have found the best online resource for licensed locksmiths in your area. We offer a state by state listing for locksmiths with contact information, locksmith licensing information, and websites for legitimate, state licensed, and reputable locksmiths near you. The webmaster is a licensed professional locksmith with over twenty years of experience, and has researched articles relating to scams in the locksmith industry for the last ten years. You can be confident that we know the difference between a real locksmith and a scam company. Not every state requires that a locksmith company have a license. In those instances, we have verified a membership to Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA), or another industry standard method of locksmith certification and testing for locksmiths, in your local area before adding their company to this locksmith directory. This list is sure to become a trusted source for finding a legitimate locksmith you can call on to help you out in any locksmith related emergency. Why should a locksmith be licensed? Licensing in most cases prevents an uneducated and inexperienced person from claiming to have experience in an area where consumer trust is a large factor. After all your security, home, valuables and more are at risk if you choose the wrong person to help you, especially in cases of an emergency lockout, or lost keys situation. Why spend countless hours searching the internet for someone to assist you? We have done the research for you, further, the information provided is true and correct to best of our ability, and we have only allowed trusted professional locksmiths to add their information here, free of charge to you, the consumer.

Beware of Locksmith Scams!

The internet is full of scams relating to locksmiths, and companies who may be posing as legitimate locksmiths. The $19-$24 locksmith service call ads listed on Google, YP.com, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are usually scams! The ads on Google and other search engines might seem reasonable at first, if you don't know there is a catch. What's the catch? The "locksmith company" normally in that case isn't even in the same state you are in, even though the ads seems to be giving a "local" number, it is often a Google Voice phone number, which routes to an out of state call center. Where, once receiving the consumers call for help, a local non-experienced "handyman" is dispatched to drill out locks, and may charge hundreds of dollars on top of the promised low priced introductory service call of $15-$25. Often the person who shows up will be arriving in a plain unmarked vehicle, will not be wearing a uniform or other identifiable clothing, and will almost always claim there is a "high security lock" on the door which needs to be drilled out and destroyed. The locks are then replaced with cheap replacements but you will be charged upwards of at least several hundred dollars and sometimes even more. Damages in the hundreds to thousands of dollars have been reported in many cases. To avoid this, and to provide trusted consumer information, we have created this website with real, trusted, state licensed in many cases, and verified professional locksmiths. Don't be a victim of locksmith scams. Click the button above to see our free available list of legitimate professional locksmiths in your area right now!

If you are a locksmith company seeking to be added to our directory, please click the email link for details: statelicensedlocksmiths@yahoo.com.

If your company meets the basic requirements and are willing to exchange a link in our directory, for a simple text link on your websites' homepage, your company can be added. If you do not have a website, a contact email will be added in place of the website URL. Basic requirements are (if applicable) a current state license in good standing, a good BBB rating, a good rating with current customer reviews on Angie's List or Yelp, current NASTF membership, ALOA member, or a membership with the ClearStar network.

Help us help you get found! Customers are actively looking for trustworthy locksmiths all over the USA. Enhanced listings are available at a small and very affordable annual $25 fee. See below for details on how a enhanced listing will look. Enhanced listings include an address, phone number, email and a contact or owners name, website, and bold text making your listing stand out above the rest, and it pays for our website updates and annual costs. Thanks for adding your locksmith listing today!